Great night for us in Quincy

The results of yesterday's municipal election are in, and we have some great successes to share.  All three Councillor-At-Large seats were won by members of our Democratic City Committee: incumbents Noel DiBona and Nina Liang, and the newly elected Anne Mahoney.  The winners of the Ward races are as follows:

Ward 1: Dave McCarthy

Ward 2: Brad Croall

Ward 3: Ian Cain

Ward 4: Brian Palmucci

Ward 5: Kirsten Hughes

Ward 6: William Harris

The new members of our School Committee will be: Emily Lebo, Doug Gutro, and Anthony Andronico. 

2017 was an exciting election season here in Quincy.  The number of yard signs for all our candidates was invigorating.  A hearty congratulations to all who ran, to the volunteers who gave their time, money and energy to the races, and to the voters who came out and exercised their civic duty.