The democratic party of quincy

The Quincy Democratic City Committee welcomes you to our website and to political activism in Quincy, Massachusetts. The QDCC is a vital part of the political scene in Quincy and brings together people who are interested in politics and who are committed to the values of the Democratic Party. There is an active Ward Committee in each of the six wards in Quincy which needs you to join their team.

The Quincy Democratic City Committee consists of the members of each of the six Democratic Ward Committees in the city of Quincy. Members of each ward committee are either elected every four years as part of the Democratic presidential primary, are appointed in the interim to fill vacancies, serve ex officio as elected officials or are emeritus members after twenty years of service. Every ward committee invites Democrats from their ward to get involved, serve as a member of the ward committee or as an associate member. The ward committees are the grass roots foundation of the Democratic Party in Quincy as they are around the country.

Being involved in your ward committee has many benefits. You will meet many new, interesting people in your community. You will get to know the local elected officials from City Hall, the State House and Congress. You will have the opportunity to learn how your democracy works at every level of organization. You will find out about pressing issues and you can express your opinion about them. In addition to these personal benefits you will help weaving the fabric that creates a vibrant community.

If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.
— Elizabeth Warren, Senator