Democratic candidates needed for the 2019 election

The City of Quincy will be holding an election for Mayor, City Council, and School Committee in 2019.  The following positions are not currently occupied by a Democrat.  If you are a Democrat interested in running, please contact the QDCC.

Article Two, Section 1 of the MA Democratic Party Charter states:   "The local committees shall conduct ... such activities as are suitable for a political organization; among which (without limitation) are: the endorsement of enrolled Democratic candidates in partisan and nonpartisan primaries, preliminaries and elections...."


See Patriot Ledger article on the current mayor leaving the Democratic Party.

See the 4/10/2018 Patriot Ledger picture and article of the current mayor and the current Quincy Ward 5 Councillor (who is also the chairman of the Republican State Committee) greeting VP Pence at Logan Airport, filling in for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor

See the Boston Globe's 4/10/2018 article, where Governor says he could not meet the VP because “my calendar already had all kinds of other stuff on it which was important,” so Quincy Mayor and Republican State Chair (Quincy Ward 5 Councillor) go instead

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Ward Five Councillor

The current Ward Five Councillor is the chairman of the MA Republican State Committee.  Nuf' said.

Ward Six Councillor

The Ward Six Councillor position is not currently occupied by a Democrat.



+  Look up who's donating to the politicians, how much $ they're giving, & who they're giving it to.

+  Look up a politician's election $$$ fund, their campaign expenses, and who's donating to them.